Specialized GPS reader for adventure sports

GPSXC is a powerful GPS navigation and track logger software aimed at fulfilling the needs of people practicing open air sports and activities including trekking, hiking, geocaching, mountain bike, paragliding, hanggliding and sailing. Map support is now included! Maps can be imported and calibrated or just downloaded from a list of supported Internet sites. Using your GPS coordinates, you can download map pictures, land maps or street maps.

Features of GPSXC include:

  • Trip info view! A new view has been introduced to display statistical information: max speed, average speed, trip time, moving time...
  • Track profile view! Displays the track profile, including altitude, speed, time and distance, for both the active track and the reference track!
  • Customizable speedometer max speed to have a more detailed speedometer depending on your activity (car, bike, trekking, sailing...)
  • Current position displayed on the tracks / maps view along with a direction arrow, to let you exactly know where you are on the map
  • Waypoint editor includes the ability to set a waypoint's coordinates to the current position
  • Customizable default waypoint radius to avoid the need of editing the radius value in every new waypoint

Advanced GPS application for your mobile phone.



GPSXC 1.4.2